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FORMAT 1/16 DIN (48 X 48 MM)

The BS-2000 series is a new generation of configurable regulation equipment, developed under the same concept and with the same technology used in high-end equipment and much higher cost.


The BS-2000 series can be fully configured by means of its own keyboard, following an intuitive linear menu, and on demand, by RS-485 communication from a PC, which allows the equipment to be easily configured, at the same time that the configuration is saved in a database that can be reused and sent to more teams.

Measurement input

In the standard BS-2000, the input is configurable in all the most common sensor types in the industry, as well as in a 0..4-20mA signal with a user-definable range.

Other models allow the direct input of specific signals such as chemical variables pH, ORP, EC, O2 and Selective Ion or series for electrical variables Vac/dc, Iac/dc, Ohms, as well as PWM, etc. All versions have two configurable filters depending on the application.


The BS-2000 series allows you to predetermine the function of the instrument so that it behaves as a PID Regulator or as an Indicator with Alarms, showing only the necessary options and parameters of the chosen mode.


Its PID control has the latest improvements that facilitate its tuning, such as Autotuning and Fuzzy-Logic, in addition, it has an Auto-Manu station with Bumless, Antireset Wind-up functions, Output Limitation, etc.

Control outputs

The BS-2000 series allows configuring the appropriate control mode for the final regulation unit (contactor, valve, actuator, servo, etc.), being able to choose between On-Off (All-Nothing), Discontinuous Proportional Time regulation, Step regulation a Step to manage motorized valves with double direction of rotation, as well as Continuous 4-20mA regulation if the analog output card is installed. This circuit is optional and is supplied factory assembled on request.


The BS-2000 have up to 3 alarms that are enabled depending on the type of operation (Regulator or Indicator) chosen, and can be configured in 5 modes each.

Its Setpoint has a safety function that allows setpoint ramps to avoid sudden changes when the setpoint value is modified.

And as total security, a Watch-Dog supervises the uP, preventing any unforeseen event from stopping it.


Control, indication and supervision of processes commanded by contactors, thyristors, servos, motor valves, etc.

Technical documentation

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