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The DMM-4000/PFT series of flowmeters has been designed with the aim of measuring and transmitting velocity and flow measurements of liquids dispersed throughout the plant, to remote monitoring and control systems via standard 4-20mA signals, and via RS485 MODBUS with minimal wiring allowing them to be inserted into the control system without the need to purchase expensive special transmitters.

The DMM-4000/PFT are based on the new PFP-15 sensor for flow measurement based on a turbine for insertion tangential to the pipe that avoids pressure losses and barely generates turbulence.

The blade turbine combines modern materials and an innovative design, rotates freely on a stainless steel shaft. A316, with aerodynamic profile vanes to improve the dynamic range of the measurement. This turbine rotates at a speed proportional to the speed of the fluid.

As a result of its small inertial mass, the PFP-15 probe offers high response speed and a wide working range up to 15m/s. although the transmitter has been assigned a range of 0.000 to 9.999m/sec as standard. on demand it can be extended up to 15.00m/sec.

The lateral planes of the turbine guide the flow, further improving the linearity of measurement at low fluid velocities. The installation in the pipe is carried out by means of a threaded sleeve including a non-return valve for «hot-tap» insertion in low pressure lines.

The DMM-4000/PFT transmitters are supplied linearized and pre-calibrated for liquid velocity measurement, and the user must configure them to measure flow by entering the data of the duct or channel of the process to be measured.

They have a partial accumulator with an accumulated preset giving an output of logic pulses when the preset value is reached. The measurements are presented on a multifunction LED display.

The DMM-4000/PFT allow all their parameters to be transmitted via RS485 communication, which allows their data to be read from a remote PC. They incorporate alarms, with a single relay output, associated with maximum and minimum instantaneous flow limits.


Measurement of flow and velocity of liquids, with simple handling, easy installation and low maintenance, high stability and excellent relationship between cost and performance for:

  • Control of water distribution network
  • Open channel fluid velocity
  • Supervision of irrigation systems
  • Fire hydrant monitoring
  • Boiler feed control
  • Heating and air conditioning systems

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