FORMAT 1/8 DIN (96 X 48 MM)

The DS-4200 series is a new generation of process control instruments for panel mounting, combining in the same unit all the calculation power of the Function Blocks, with PID control and analog and digital transmission of the measured variable with an accuracy of 0.1% and with response times of 125 ms.

This range can be fully programmed by Function Blocks from a PC, via RS-485 communication, allowing the equipment to be easily configured, while the configuration is saved in a database and can be reused and sent to more equipment in the same Serie.

The DS-4200 have two independent bimodal PID control loops, with two Autotuning calculation modes, Fuzzy-Logic function and Auto-Manu station.

The controller allows selecting the discontinuous control output by proportional time relay and cycle time adjustment, or continuous control output 0…4-20mA.

Its low response time of 125ms in the PID calculation, added to the fact that it works in the field, eliminates the intermediate steps that would be involved with a classic system and allows it to control fast processes with great precision.

The DS-4200 series has serial RS-485 MODBUS RTU communication, which allows it to be connected to a MODBUS network in a distributed control system.

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