The FMC-8000/LFU series are non-invasive flowmeters (with graphic recording) by transit time of ultrasound beams for liquid fluids in pipelines at full load.

This type of flowmeter measures fluid velocity by calculating the transit time between two separate ultrasonic transducers that function as either transmitter or receiver. The difference in transit time measured is directly and exactly proportional to the velocity of the liquid in the pipe.

The FMC-8000/LFU are the ideal solution for flow measurement in products that are impossible to measure by other methods, or in processes where it is not feasible to manipulate the duct, or there is a risk of leaks, such as with hydrocarbons.


  • Datalogger graphic recorder processor with touch screen
  • Configurable by multilingual menu from the touch screen
  • For ducts from DN30 to DN3000 according to transducers
  • Selection of pipe and fluid parameters
  • Presents the Flow (m3/h), Accumulated (m3), Time elapsed, etc. in S.I. Units or Imperials
  • ETHERNET and USB port with front access

The FMC-8000/LFU allow to measure liquid flow in a wide range of pipes of different materials and from ultra pure water to liquids with suspended solids, as well as viscous liquids, etc.

  • Water (hot or cold, drinking water, sea water, etc.)
  • Waste water containing small particles
  • Oil (crude oil, lubricant, gas oil, gasoline, etc.)
  • Chemical products (alcohol, acids, solvents, etc.)
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Ultrapure waters, Beverages, Dairy products, Liquid foods
  • Viscous products, Creams, Gel, Molasses.
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