FORMAT 1/8 DIN (48 X 96 MM)

The LC-1000 series is a new generation of configurable regulation instruments developed to cover the low-cost mass market segment existing below the BS-2000 series.

This market sector obtains with this series a good quality/price ratio without sophistication but with all the main features of the mid-range models.

The LC-1000 series can be configured by the user through a cyclic menu with the basic parameterization functions and submenus with restricted access to the configuration and PID functions.


Among the configurable functions are available:

Input type, minimum and maximum range, units, decimal point, measurement deviation setting, alarm types, hysteresis, modulation cycle setting, etc.

These characteristics give it great flexibility to work with various types of regulation output, which allows it to activate different final control elements such as contactors, thyristors or solenoid valves, by time modulation.

The security features in this series have occupied much of the dedication of the designers. Thus, this series has an improved Watch-dog that, together with a compact design and lower energy consumption, results in a very wide safety margin. With regard to control security, it also has sophisticated functions such as Anti-Overshooting, etc. that make your operation safer.

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