FORMAT 1/8 DIN (96 X 48 MM)

The LS-3000 series is a new generation of programmable regulation equipment developed with PAC technology, which combines Analog control characteristics and Logic functions at the same time.

The LS-3000 series can be programmed through its Function Blocks. These blocks are virtually interconnectable to combine them according to the need of the process.

The programming of this equipment is based on virtually connecting the blocks to each other, as if they were classic components (modulators, logic and analog operators, memories, positioners, counters, integrators, PID, Auto-Manu, etc.).

The LS-3000 series can be programmed, configured and parameterized locally by the keyboard or by the RS-485 communication bus, with the Loop Win program from a PC (in Windows environment), thus making the LS-3000 units easier and quickly programmable than a PLC.

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