FORMAT 1/8 DIN (48 X 96 MM)

The MS-5000 series is a new generation of configurable controllers with better than 0.1% accuracy and 125ms response times.

This series has a configurable input prepared to receive 8 types of Thermocouple and Pt 100 with definable ranges up to 4 digits, as well as 0..4-20mA signals.

The CJC compensation of the cold junction for Thermocouple is carried out by means of an independent input with a Pt100 sensor (included). This type of compensation allows the cold junction to be arranged in any part of the signal line path, thus achieving excellent precision in thermocouple measurement, superior to the classic sensor-terminal compensation systems.


The MS-5300 model has an independent bimodal PID control loop with two calculation modes Autotuning, Fuzzy-Logic and Auto-Manu station.

The controller allows selection of discontinuous control output by proportional time relay and cycle time adjustment, or Step by Step output to control motorized valves with or without recopy potentiometer.

As an option, on demand, you can have a high-resolution continuous control output in the form of 0…4-20mA.

Its low response time of 125 ms in the PID calculation allows you to control fast processes with great precision and stability.

It incorporates a special L/R function that allows the local setpoint SP to be switched to a remote setpoint signal in mA through analog input AI 3, which can be added to a value pre-stored in a cell. It can be activated by external signal DI 1 or by a predefined key on the front panel.

It also has 6 configurable alarms with three relay outputs to monitor the measurement at various levels.

The MS-5000 series includes, by default, RS-485 Modbus protocol communication, which allows it to form part of a DCS distributed control system or be supervised from a PC using the PROASIS DCS-Win software. This software can be downloaded from the website and used without a license for measurement and data acquisition with the DESIN Instruments PAC series.

The MS-5000 series can be configured and parameterized locally by its keyboard or by RS-485 communication, with the Loop Win program from a PC (in Windows environment).


  • PID control of loops in fast response processes.
  • Regulation by means of Relay, Contactor, Thyristors, or Step by Step, with motorized valve with or without recopy signal.
  • Continuous regulation by servo valves, I/P converters, progressive actuators, phase angle thyristors, etc.
  • Regulation with double setpoint or/and setpoint on ramp.
  • Acquisition and control unit for SCADA systems

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