Pressure detector from 1 to 4 alarm points with PNP output. Membrane pressure outlet A316. 4-dig local display with keyboard. Designed for alarm in industrial processes. The TAD-200 pressure switch with local display has been specially designed to work under the harsh conditions that occur in industrial applications.

Prepared for all kinds of gaseous and liquid fluids compatible with 316L stainless steel.

The measuring element is a high-precision piezoresistive sensor in stainless steel with high long-term stability.

The display is rotatable, which facilitates reading even in unfavorable mounting conditions.


  • Pressure ranges from 0..0.1 bar to 0..600 bar
  • 1, 2 or 4 PNP contacts with configurable setpoints
  • Optional output 4-20mA at 2 or 3 wires (or 0..10V at 3 wires)
  • Display digital orientable de 4 dígitos
  • Measured value display with decimal point
  • Accuracy 0.35%..0.5% (0.25% in option)
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