Do you need to repair one of our products?

Repair request

Before sending the material:
  1. Product returns will not be accepted, except prior agreement with our Commercial Departments, who will provide the corresponding instructions.
  2. Returns received without prior authorization will be returned to sender.
  3. They will be provided with a report number that must appear on the shipment of the material, and said shipment must be made freight prepaid.
  4. The products sent to our facilities must be properly packaged, clean and completely free of liquid materials, fats or harmful substances.
For the management of returns, the following procedure must be followed:

The material will arrive at our warehouse for review and reintegration into stock.

If it is in perfect condition and there has been no misuse by the customer, the payment will be made according to the Conditions agreed by the Quality Department.

If you need any additional clarification, or have any questions, please contact the IAC before sending the material without prior authorization to the central offices.