DPF-DN-PN Líquidos

The DPF-… are systems for Flow measurement using Orifice Plates and Differential Pressure Transmitters with signal conditioning.

It consists in that when a fluid circulates through a conduit whose diameter has been restricted by means of a calibrated Orifice Plate, a pressure drop is produced that is proportional to the square of the circulating flow.

By measuring this pressure difference and extracting the square root of the signal, the flow measurement is obtained, within the range for which the Orifice Plate has been calculated.


The DPF-.. system consists of:

  • FOP-.. Orifice Plate in AISI-316, mirror polished inlet face. Square edge construction.
  • 2 Flanges DN-PN16 DIN-2633 in ST.37.2 with built-in sockets (tubing depending on the assembly)
  • Corresponding Bolts and Nuts in A193 Gr.B72H
  • 2mm joints. thick (Grafoil in option)
  • Manifold MB3-23TG-1 with 3 keys in steel HT-15976
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter 0..125 mbar ± 0.04%
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